Olympia Pvt Ltd

Olympia is one of the first and most reputed hardware company in the Maldives. Found in  1947 by Mr. Mohamed Hassan, who has been one of the pioneers in the industry and one of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs since the late 40s. He is well known for his entrepreneurial skills and exceptional talent to transform the hardware business with that of consumer goods – a rare business model which Olympia even now boasts of nurturing.

Currently, Mr. Ibrahim Arif (Ibu), who is the youngest son of Mr. Mohamed Hassan is the Managing Director and the head of operations of the company since 2008. Ever since he had taken over the control of the company, he has made the company more stable by focusing on the fast moving products and to on-board several trusted brands, ensuring its continuous availability at the company’s outlet. He has also attempted to rationalize the business with a view to lower the unproductive overhead expenses and greater profitability and has gained numerous business knowledge by attending several international business conferences and seminars. With his very innovative business ideas, Mr, Ibrahim works has been a great inspiration to all of the company staff, encouraging them to work independently on key aspects of the business. The main pillar he believes in is that with courage and hard work, anything can be possible. 

Mission and Vision

Mission – Olympia will provide hardware merchandise, as well as other essential items, committed to the highest level of business ethics and professionalism, standing high as a role model company in the Maldives Vision – to become the market leader in the next 5 years by remodeling the company to have greater agility while remaining lean, while persistently targeting to improve its overall efficiency.

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